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C/ Josefina Mascarenas, 1, 1-2
08173 - Sant Cugat del Valles
Barcelona - SPAIN
Tel. +34 609677918
Fax +34 935298306
Polishing / Linishing   (See an example)
LOOK! Production means 24 hours / 365 days every year
We are who applied the first CNC for Polishing worldwide as a suggestion of a PLC expert (1984).
We have a very special version of our CNC for this particular field.
Large experience in finding solutions for any type of polishing machines.
Many special performances make to our CNC very special too.
Our CNC is present in the principal worldwide companies of more reputation.
No-one has been able to maintain our fair level of exigency in these years.
For sure, we are the simplest and fastest way to simplify the automatization of your process.
From 5 to 8 axes for single head or .../...
The first worldwide machine that introduced a CNC in the polishing sector and it is still using it!
See an application for Sinks

.../... up to 64 axes for a Transfer multi-head machines.
H.M.I.'04 .../...
1 window for each Head & the coordinator's window.
.../... much simpler than never!
Panel for the manual preparations.
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