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CNC applications

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PC based & customizable HMI (WiMAC)   ( more ...)
WiMAC:  our Windows based Graphic User Interface (GUI) for the CNC is completely customizable.

The DUNA's CNC control allows personalized displays.
It has a built in language for engineers to create new pages and dialogs.
New dialogs can be created for your satisfaction.
Even the existing technology you have, can be re-used in the new control.
Up to 99 different pages (or panels) can be defined for each CNC application.

for EDM machines. Vumeters to see the 'Distance To Go', the Gap, Return and Working Time overrides and much more things     For LASER machines. By seeing the Oscilloscope instrument, it is clear that the Laser Power is proportional to the Path Velocity which is modified depending on the work-piece's profile by the Look Ahead)

Small screen for PanelPCs       Small panel to open and see more than one window at the same time and PC's screen

Pocket PC or remote PC based terminals are available options to keep in mind too       To configure also the panels for maintenance makes the system more friendly
All viewed panels have been extracted from real CNC uses      ( more panels ...)
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