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Our Engineering department develops any application for third-party companies.
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Different views for New Turbine's Blade.
  • (23/03/2017) As a part of the VLTIMA project (the "Raspinav" trial): iNAVcnc has been satisfactory evaluated for running in a Raspberry Pi 3B with Raspbian-Jessie 4.4.50-RT63-v7 [Tick = 1ms] integrating CoDeSys Control + EtherCAT.
    Take a look at
    this video for a better understanding of this new concept (a real CNC becames in a simple "App" running it in any kind of platform).

  • (21/09/2014) We have been working again into find something new for a "Full Deterministic Real-Time Extension" for MS-Windows or Linux (unfortunately nothing new from the far 1996).
    You can
    follow this video to see how CNC will look in the near future.

  • (08/02/2008) Downloadable demo of the digital PC-based CNC is operative again.       (Universities, Schools and End Users can practise for free again!)

  • (02/01/2007) All this year we were concerned in to make better Laser cutting systems.

  • (07/03/2006) Course (in PDF format) about the CNC of "VLTIMAte" generation (PC-based, Distributed Control, Hard-Real-Time and Open, Scalable and Embedded System) and Motion Control too, available sending query to (Access to the "course's index" below or to the course itself here!)

  • (15/11/2005) Our main facilities have been moved definitively towards Sant Cugat del Valles again.

  • (17/05/2005) Agreement with some Universities and Schools to teach the professionals and students of engineering about Motion Control processes based in CNC. ( See one of the possible course's index - Spanish language -).

  • (14/02/2005) Our office has been moved towards Sant Cugat del Valles again. Tels +34 935298306 or +34 609677918

  • (13/10/2004) Available demo for the Vltima CNC (the digital PC-based CNC).         

  • (31/08/2004) First samples for the Remote Drive Adapter (RDA) will be already availables in the very near future.

  • (07/06/2004) We are introducing nowadays the new version based in our "WiMac" product for POLISHING machines. The editor furthermore has a Symbolic Language Interpreter, Teach In and Interpreted Executor.
    The user only must be worried to obtain the most "shiny" work-piece quality. Easier of use than never!
    You should better
    contact us to see how practical and easy it is and till where can facilitate the machine's use.

  • (07/06/2004) We are looking for an EDM manufacturer who wants to collaborate with us for the Wire-EDM version based it on our Die-Sink type. If you are interested please contact us.

  • (07/06/2004) From 1996 we are developing the new CNC using a PC platform under Windows (CPU of the PC is used for all the matters related with the CNC).
    Some people uses CPUs in parallel, inside the PC or connected via any Field Bus, which is the real CNC (we did so from 1986 till 1996).
    Furthermore of CNC itself, any "Hard Real Time" application under MS Windows is not a trivial problem to solve, but... we made it!
    It is a Low-cost system because of use of CAN-bus (CANopen protocol). CNC interpolates 8 axes in one millisecond (Tick=1) and only needs 2 CAN-bus channels for the 8 axes and 1 channel more for the remotes Input/Outputs.
    Inside a single PC, up to 10 CNCs (multi-channel) can be executed at the same time (up to 80 axes with only 2 CAN-bus channels).
    We are very near to the project termination and we are sure that new CNC will get expectacular performances in any type of machine (due to all tests done).
    Keep you on-line please because the many advantages and very good prices you will get. And remember you will be able to download to test it by this line at no cost.
    We look for a
    LASER machine manufacturer who wants to help us to test a "BETA" version. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

  • (07/06/2004) We can adapt (even re-design) our CNC to your requirements. Don't forget that we are, in fact, specialists in any "Hard Real Time" application.

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