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New products
In this area you will be able to find information about the current products DUNA BCN develops nowadays.

PC-Based CNC:    VLTIMA: the virtual CNC     Click to see VLTIMA under Windows CE platform... a 3.5 inches TFT...     ...or 5.7 inches TFT with Touch Screen
         Our next generation of CNC completely based on PC ( named as VLTIMA ) has many new advantages and performances:
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VLTIMA CNC diagram
  • It is a Low-cost system because the use of CAN-bus (CANopen protocol). CNC interpolates up to 8 axes in one millisecond, needing only 2 CAN-bus channels and 1 channel more for the remotes Input/Outputs.

  • Furthermore, VLTIMA is a MULTI-CHANNEL system. Inside a single PC, up to 10 CNCs (multi-channel) can be executed at the same time. (Up to 80 axes need only 2 CAN-bus channels).

  • For remote control (Graphic User Interface, Motion Control, Editing, remote Diagnostics and Maintenance), the VLTIMA CNC supports a mode of operation of type Sockect-based Client-Server running over TCP/IP.

  • And, of course... it is Open, Distributed, Escalable, Flexible, Modular and Adaptative.
  • In 1985 we already used the PC as a part of the CNC and that makes us the first company who did it all over the world. INDO' progressive lens (1986) was the first who takes profit of it.

  •          See a little explanation about the 3rd CNC generation refered as the Digital-PC-based CNC.
             Download a free Evaluation version:         

    RDA (Remote Drive Adapter):
             A bridge between ANALOG Servo-Drives to DIGITAL Control Systems

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