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CNC for LASER machines
The CNC for Laser machines (since 1996) satisfy all requirements of sheet metal cutting manufacturers.
Laser Power can be controlled proportionately by the real Path Velocity.
The most reliable Clearance Control to maintain the Focal Distance (based in our die-sink EDM).
Advanced algorithm to cancel the acceleration between consecutive movements (Look Ahead).
Available postprocessors for
Lantek Fikus LaserCAM ...
Low cost solution and... much more.

A+ LGAI's Laser Machine: 1200 x 1100 mm. Click to see the video A+ LGAI's Laser Machine:2250 x 1150mm. Click to see the video
Link to A+ LGAI

The first laser machine where DUNA BCN participated (1998). 1998 Laser Machine already at the workshop. First DC025 installed (ROFIN Slab laser of 2500 watts). Laser Machine at BIEMH'98 exhibition
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