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Say your customers that it's your own development.

Based on the experience in Numerical Control (CNC), our Engineering department (for Automatization and Motion Controls, Distributed Controls and Embedded Systems with or without Hard-Real-Time requirements) can develop any type of application for third-party companies.

Say your customers that it's your own development.
The Remote Drive Adapter (RDA). See details in PDF format.
See details in PDF format
As a simple example of it:

  • By making use of the Motorola DSP56F803, we have already developed a Remote digital to analog Drive Adaptor (RDA we named it) to connect conventional analog drives into a digital system (CAN bus and CANopen protocol have been selected at first term).
    Board's dimension is: 123 x 85 sq mm.
    RDA has been designed to solve situations where a digital drive is not suitable or available.
    RDA is also useful in places where was necessary to adapt existing machine installations.
    In conjunction with our new Digital CNC (VLTIMA), the replacement of any existing analog system can be drastically reduced in time and money.

    Download RDA's Manual       

    We like to highlight the use MS products:
  • we already opted for the best expertise in O.S. from the far 1984 with its MSdos.

  • we are still proud of that decision!

  • Take a look of a sample piece to understand that option.