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Pioneers in CNC PC based from 1986!
from the stepping motor CNC's era to the completely PC-based one

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In Barcelona-Spain!
  • Company name:  DUNA BCN, S.L.

  • Address: C/ Josefina Mascarenas, 1, 1-2

  • Tel. +34 609677918 - Fax +34 935298306

  • Skype user:  my_voip


  • In Hsinchu-TAIWAN!
    (2) TAIWAN
  • Company name:  METALICA Co., Ltd.

  • Address:  No.5, Lane 265, Nanta Rd, Hsinchu City, Taiwan R.O.C.

  • Tel. +886-3562-8333 | Fax +886-3560222 | Cellular +886-935-191-838

  • Information:  Mr. Charlie Yang (Shen Tsai - Yang)

  • Skype user:  Charlie.yang

  • Some end-users
    Rolex, Indo optica, Skis Rossignol, Eucomsa-Abengoa, B-Braum, Teka, Applus, Rolex, Valeo, Panasonic, Infranor, Lisi Cosmetics, Grohe, Inta, Casa, Bentley, Jaguar, Ford, Seat, Peugeot, ...

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  • 1982. CNC for Milling and Lath: one 16 bits microprocessor to control machine and two 8 bits microprocessors for the User Interface.
  • 1984. The same CNC for Punching, Polish and Wood machine center.
  • 1986. First step for PC based. Use of a PC as an intelligent terminal substituting the two 8 bits microprocessors of the CNC. The PC-AT cost in 1986 was around 4500 Euros. The progressive lens by INDO brand was the first who used it (still now).
  • 1987. After Fidia, the second Copy System for milling and the first using a PC-based CNC system.
  • 1988. Already as "SHEnz" company, CNC for EDM was developed successfully.
  • 1990. "SHEnz" introduced its own hardware to improve notably CNC's reliability.
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  • 1991. CNC for Oxyfuel and Plasma machines. Axis can move backward following same path.
  • 1993. Already as "SHEnz, S.L.", new hardware version to make the most-reliable CNC by reducing drastically the size.
  • 1994. Close collaboration with EDM and POLISHING customers to help them to achieve a worldwide success.
  • 1995. First and sole CNC that has the CE mark in compliance with the European Electromagnetic Compatibility 86/336/CEE (for industrial environment).

  •         · EN55011 class A (Emission Standars).
            · EN5082-2 (Immunity Standars).
    Download a copy of the EMC certification    
  • 1996. Beginning of WiMAC (Graphical User Interface under MS-Windows) as a first step toward the totally PC-based CNC.
  • 1996. CNC for Laser machine as a demand of the Oxyfuel manufacturers.
  • 1998. First totally PC-based CNC version was failed because of use of MS-DOS and 16-bits Macroassembler for the CNC kernel and the develop of a proprietary Field-Bus.
  • 2000. WiMAC looks nice and good, but... totally PC-based CNC version already under MS-Windows had again been written to have also in ANSI-C the CNC kernel and to be portable to others O.S. and platforms.
  • 2000. DUNA BCN, S.L. is the engineering department of SHEnz.
  • 2002. All problems to obtain the totally PC-based CNC version had been already solved successfully due to the knowledge of Hard Real Time applications under MS-Windows and the use of the CAN field bus.
  • 2003. "SHEnz, S.L." and other company tried to join themselves to begin with a new project for future.
  • April 2004. "iNAV electronica, S.L." starts same activity substituting the old "SHEnz, S.L." name (DUNA BCN is the only shareholder).
  • 2005/... See news.

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